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 Here is a few Blogs written by the owners Chaz & Shantel Cornellier about the industry and things they have experienced or learned while owning a cannabis delivery service in Chico, Ca in 2017 under Prop 215 and then moving to Sacramento to own a State Liscensed Delivery, C9-0000003-LIC, immediately in 2018. It has been a crazy ride and Chaz loves to explain what the market is doing and how he sees the company doing in the near future.

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Blog / / Cannabis Legalization and Crime Rates in California

Cannabis Legalization and Crime Rates in California


As the owner of a local cannabis dispensary in California, I have had a front-row seat to the evolving landscape of cannabis legalization. The journey from prohibition to legalization has been complex, and its impact on various aspects of society, particularly crime rates, is a topic of significant interest and debate.

The Pre-Legalization Era: Myths and Misconceptions

Before legalization, cannabis was often unfairly associated with criminal activities. The stigma around cannabis use contributed to a range of misconceptions. As a dispensary owner, I have seen firsthand how these myths have dissolved over time, leading to a more informed and balanced view of cannabis in our society.

Post-Legalization: Changes in the Crime Landscape

Since the legalization of cannabis in California, there has been a noticeable shift in the crime landscape. One of the most significant changes has been the reduction in arrests related to cannabis possession and distribution. This has not only eased the burden on the legal system but also on communities that were disproportionately affected by previous drug laws.

Impact on Local Economies and Illegal Markets

Legalization has also impacted the local economy positively. By regulating and taxing cannabis, the state has generated significant revenue. This economic boost has had a ripple effect, contributing to community development and social programs. Moreover, the presence of legal dispensaries like mine has curtailed the illegal cannabis market, thereby reducing related criminal activities.

Challenges and Responsibilities

However, legalization is not without its challenges. As a dispensary owner, I am constantly navigating regulatory changes, ensuring compliance, and advocating for responsible use. There is also the ongoing responsibility to educate the public about safe consumption practices and the benefits of cannabis when used responsibly.

Conclusion: A Call for Continued Progress

In conclusion, the legalization of cannabis in California has had a multifaceted impact on crime rates and the broader society. It has debunked long-standing myths, reduced unnecessary legal confrontations, boosted the local economy, and provided opportunities for responsible business practices in the cannabis industry. As we continue to observe and learn from these changes, it's crucial to focus on responsible consumption, education, and the ongoing fight against the stigmatization of cannabis.