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Organic Care of California BLOG

 Here is a few Blogs written by the owners Chaz & Shantel Cornellier about the industry and things they have experienced or learned while owning a cannabis delivery service in Chico, Ca in 2017 under Prop 215 and then moving to Sacramento to own a State Liscensed Delivery, C9-0000003-LIC, immediately in 2018. It has been a crazy ride and Chaz loves to explain what the market is doing and how he sees the company doing in the near future.

Please let us know if there is anything you want us specifically to write about or have any questions. Always open to input and ways to get better. Can reach us @ [email protected]

We truly work for YOU and always want your input. 

Blog / / The Highs of Shopping High: A Humorous Take on Cannabis-Infused Grocery Runs

The Highs of Shopping High: A Humorous Take on Cannabis-Infused Grocery Runs


The Highs of Shopping High: A Humorous Take on Cannabis-Infused Grocery Runs


Hey there, fellow food adventurers and cannabis connoisseurs! Today, we're embarking on a unique journey – one that involves grocery shopping while high on cannabis. Yep, you heard right! While this might sound like a recipe for disaster (or, let’s be honest, a recipe for buying ten bags of chips), there are actually some hilarious and surprisingly positive aspects to this unconventional shopping method. So, grab your shopping list (and maybe a snack for the road) as we dive into the whimsical world of high grocery shopping!

The Positives of Grocery Shopping While High

1. Enhanced Sensory Experience

  • Taste Test Like a Pro: Ever noticed how everything tastes better when you're high? Imagine that, but with every free sample in the grocery store. It's like a gourmet experience in every aisle.
  • A Symphony of Smells: The bakery section? Heavenly. The produce aisle? A fragrant paradise. High shopping turns the grocery store into a wonderland of scents.

2. Creative Meal Planning

  • Innovative Combinations: Suddenly, pairing peanut butter with pickles doesn't seem so crazy. High shopping can lead to some truly inventive meals.
  • Snack Masterpieces: You'll find yourself curating snacks like a Michelin-starred chef. Who knew pretzels dipped in ice cream could be haute cuisine?

3. Mindful Shopping

  • Zen in the Aisles: High shopping can be a surprisingly zen experience. You're more likely to read labels, ponder nutritional content, and make thoughtful choices.
  • Time Warp: Sure, you might spend 15 minutes choosing the perfect avocado, but hey, it's about the journey, not the destination.

4. Social Interactions

  • Cashier Chronicles: Conversations with cashiers become more interesting. Discussing the merits of different types of pasta with someone who just scans them? Priceless.
  • Fellow Shoppers: You might find a kindred spirit in the aisles, bonding over the mutual appreciation of cereal box designs.

5. Unexpected Adventures

  • The Quest for the Forgotten Item: Ever go in for milk and come out with everything but milk? High shopping turns this into an epic quest, complete with plot twists and a heroic return trip.
  • Impulse Buys: You might come home with a live lobster because it “looked lonely.” It's not just shopping; it's an adventure.

The Humorous Side

1. The Snack Aisle Saga

  • Picture this: you're standing in the snack aisle, and every bag of chips is calling your name. It's like choosing a favorite child.

2. The Great Debate

  • Ever found yourself debating the merits of organic vs. non-organic bananas for half an hour? High shopping makes these debates feel like a matter of national importance.

3. Checkout Chuckles

  • Trying to use your phone as a payment method, only to realize it's a candy bar? Classic high shopping moment.

4. The Mysterious Purchase

  • Unpacking groceries and finding an item you don't remember choosing is like a little gift from your high self to your sober self.


Grocery shopping while high on cannabis might not be for everyone, but it's undeniably an experience filled with laughter, creativity, and a touch of the absurd. Whether you’re marveling at the beauty of fruits and veggies or having deep conversations with the checkout clerk, it's a journey through the grocery store like no other. So, the next time you're high and thinking of restocking the pantry, consider taking a trip to your local supermarket – you might just have the time of your life!

There you have it, folks! A glimpse into the unexpectedly delightful world of high grocery shopping. Remember, always shop responsibly and enjoy the little moments of joy and humor that come your way. Happy shopping and happy munching!