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 Here is a few Blogs written by the owners Chaz & Shantel Cornellier about the industry and things they have experienced or learned while owning a cannabis delivery service in Chico, Ca in 2017 under Prop 215 and then moving to Sacramento to own a State Liscensed Delivery, C9-0000003-LIC, immediately in 2018. It has been a crazy ride and Chaz loves to explain what the market is doing and how he sees the company doing in the near future.

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Blog / / Harnessing the Calm: How Cannabis Can Help with Anger Management

Harnessing the Calm: How Cannabis Can Help with Anger Management

In the realm of alternative medicine and holistic approaches to well-being, cannabis has emerged as a notable contender for its potential to alleviate a variety of ailments. While its recreational use often dominates headlines, its therapeutic benefits, particularly in managing emotions like anger, are increasingly gaining recognition. This blog explores the relationship between cannabis and anger management, shedding light on how this natural remedy can offer a pathway to inner peace and emotional equilibrium.

Understanding Anger:

Before delving into the role of cannabis, it's crucial to understand the nature of anger. Anger is a complex emotion that can stem from a myriad of sources, including stress, frustration, fear, or even unresolved trauma. Left unchecked, it can lead to detrimental consequences, affecting personal relationships, mental health, and overall quality of life. Effective anger management involves developing coping strategies to regulate emotions and respond to triggers in a healthy manner.

The Science of Cannabis:

Cannabis contains over 100 active compounds, known as cannabinoids, with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) being the most well-known. THC is psychoactive and responsible for the euphoric "high" associated with cannabis, while CBD offers therapeutic benefits without inducing intoxication. Both compounds interact with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological functions, including mood, stress response, and emotional processing.

Cannabis and Anger Management:

  1. Stress Reduction: One of the primary ways cannabis can help with anger management is by reducing stress levels. THC and CBD have been shown to modulate the body's stress response, promoting a sense of relaxation and calmness. By alleviating stress, cannabis can mitigate the intensity of anger triggers and enhance emotional resilience.

  2. Enhanced Emotional Regulation: Cannabis has the potential to modulate neurotransmitters in the brain associated with emotional regulation, such as serotonin and dopamine. By influencing these pathways, it may help individuals regulate their emotions more effectively, making it easier to navigate challenging situations without succumbing to anger.

  3. Promotion of Mindfulness: Cannabis can also facilitate mindfulness, a practice that encourages individuals to cultivate present-moment awareness and non-reactivity to thoughts and emotions. For many, consuming cannabis in a mindful setting, such as during meditation or yoga, can deepen introspection and promote a sense of inner peace, reducing the likelihood of anger outbursts.

  4. Shift in Perspective: Cannabis has a unique ability to alter perception, often leading to shifts in perspective and outlook. In the context of anger management, this altered state of consciousness can allow individuals to view situations from a more empathetic and understanding standpoint, fostering forgiveness and compassion towards oneself and others.

Precautions and Considerations:

While cannabis shows promise in aiding anger management, it's essential to approach its use mindfully and responsibly. Consider the following precautions:

  • Dosage and Strain Selection: Opt for strains with balanced THC and CBD levels, and start with low doses to gauge individual tolerance and sensitivity.
  • Consultation with Healthcare Professionals: Individuals with underlying mental health conditions should consult healthcare professionals before incorporating cannabis into their anger management regimen.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Abide by local laws and regulations regarding cannabis use, and prioritize ethical consumption practices.


In conclusion, cannabis can serve as a valuable tool in the journey towards anger management and emotional well-being. Its ability to promote relaxation, enhance emotional regulation, and foster mindfulness underscores its potential as a holistic remedy for navigating turbulent emotions. However, it's crucial to approach cannabis use with mindfulness, respect, and awareness of individual needs and limitations. By harnessing the therapeutic properties of cannabis, individuals can cultivate inner peace, resilience, and harmony in their lives.