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Organic Care of California BLOG

 Here is a few Blogs written by the owners Chaz & Shantel Cornellier about the industry and things they have experienced or learned while owning a cannabis delivery service in Chico, Ca in 2017 under Prop 215 and then moving to Sacramento to own a State Liscensed Delivery, C9-0000003-LIC, immediately in 2018. It has been a crazy ride and Chaz loves to explain what the market is doing and how he sees the company doing in the near future.

Please let us know if there is anything you want us specifically to write about or have any questions. Always open to input and ways to get better. Can reach us @ [email protected]

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Exploring Cannabis Rituals Around the World

Exploring Cannabis Rituals Around the World

In recent years, the global conversation around cannabis has shifted dramatically. Once stigmatized and demonized, cannabis is now being reconsidered for its potential therapeutic benefits and cultural significance. Beyond its recreational use, cannabis has deep roots in various rituals and traditions across different cultures worldwide. From spiritual ceremonies to healing practices, cannabis plays a diverse and complex role in societies around the globe. Let's embark on a journey to explore some of these fascinating cannabis rituals.

Cannabis in Ancient Cultures

The use of cannabis dates back thousands of years, with evidence of its cultivation and consumption found in ancient civilizations. In regions like India, cannabis has been intertwined with religious and spiritual practices for centuries. In Hinduism, cannabis is associated with Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities. Followers of Shiva often consume cannabis-infused drinks, known as bhang, during religious festivals and rituals. Bhang is believed to induce a state of euphoria and spiritual enlightenment.

Similarly, in ancient China, cannabis was valued for its medicinal properties and used in traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese emperor Shen Nung, known as the "Father of Chinese Medicine," reportedly prescribed cannabis for various ailments as early as 2737 BCE. Cannabis was considered a sacred herb, revered for its healing properties and spiritual significance.

Rastafarianism and Cannabis

In Jamaica, the Rastafarian movement has long been associated with cannabis use as a sacrament. Rastafarians believe that cannabis, referred to as "ganja," brings them closer to the divine and helps facilitate spiritual enlightenment. Ganja is used in religious ceremonies, known as "reasoning sessions," where followers gather to discuss spiritual matters and share insights. For Rastafarians, cannabis serves as a tool for meditation and reflection, fostering a deeper connection with their faith and community.

Indigenous Rituals and Cannabis

Indigenous cultures across the Americas have also incorporated cannabis into their traditional rituals and ceremonies. In certain Native American tribes, cannabis was used in healing rituals and as a means of communing with the spirit world. The Lakota people, for example, have a tradition of smudging cannabis alongside other sacred herbs to purify the mind, body, and spirit.

Similarly, in South America, indigenous tribes such as the Yanomami of the Amazon rainforest have used cannabis for its medicinal and spiritual properties for generations. Cannabis is often consumed as part of shamanic rituals, where shamans communicate with spirits and seek guidance for healing and protection.

Modern Cannabis Rituals

While traditional cannabis rituals continue to thrive in various cultures, modern interpretations of these practices are emerging around the world. In countries where cannabis legalization is gaining momentum, enthusiasts are rediscovering the cultural and spiritual significance of the plant.

In the United States, for instance, cannabis ceremonies and retreats are becoming increasingly popular as more states legalize recreational and medicinal cannabis use. These events often combine elements of mindfulness, meditation, and communal sharing, providing participants with a holistic experience centered around cannabis.

The rise of cannabis-infused yoga classes and meditation sessions reflects a growing interest in incorporating cannabis into wellness practices. Advocates argue that cannabis can enhance mindfulness and deepen the mind-body connection, making it a valuable tool for self-discovery and relaxation.


The exploration of cannabis rituals around the world reveals the plant's profound impact on human culture and spirituality. From ancient civilizations to modern societies, cannabis has been revered as a sacred herb with transformative properties. Whether used in religious ceremonies, healing rituals, or recreational gatherings, cannabis continues to inspire awe and reverence in diverse communities worldwide.

As attitudes toward cannabis evolve and legalization efforts progress, it is essential to recognize and respect the cultural traditions and practices associated with the plant. By understanding the rich tapestry of cannabis rituals, we can gain insight into the profound connection between humans and nature, as well as the enduring legacy of this remarkable plant.

In embracing the diversity of cannabis rituals, we honor the wisdom of ancient traditions and pave the way for a more enlightened and inclusive approach to cannabis culture in the modern world. Let us continue to explore, learn, and celebrate the multifaceted role of cannabis in shaping our collective human experience.