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 Here is a few Blogs written by the owners Chaz & Shantel Cornellier about the industry and things they have experienced or learned while owning a cannabis delivery service in Chico, Ca in 2017 under Prop 215 and then moving to Sacramento to own a State Liscensed Delivery, C9-0000003-LIC, immediately in 2018. It has been a crazy ride and Chaz loves to explain what the market is doing and how he sees the company doing in the near future.

Please let us know if there is anything you want us specifically to write about or have any questions. Always open to input and ways to get better. Can reach us @ [email protected]

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Blog / / Homemade Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream: A Chill Recipe for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Homemade Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream: A Chill Recipe for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Are you looking to elevate your ice cream experience? If you're a fan of both cannabis and frozen treats, then cannabis-infused ice cream might just be your new favorite dessert. This delightful combination allows you to indulge in a tasty and relaxing treat all at once. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of making your very own cannabis-infused ice cream, and we'll provide multiple ways to infuse, whether you prefer cannabis-infused oil or pre-made tinctures. So, let's get started on this chill journey!


For the ice cream base, you'll need:
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
For the cannabis infusion, choose one of the following methods:

Method 1: Cannabis-Infused Oil

Ingredients for cannabis-infused oil:
1 cup of your favorite cooking oil (e.g., coconut oil, vegetable oil)
1/4 to 1/2 ounce of ground cannabis (adjust according to your desired potency)

Method 2: Pre-Made Tinctures

1-2 tablespoons of a high-quality cannabis tincture (adjust according to your desired potency)

Step 1: Infusing the Cannabis (Two Options)

Option 1: Cannabis-Infused Oil
Decarboxylation: Preheat your oven to 240°F (115°C). Spread the ground cannabis evenly on a baking sheet and bake for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. This step activates the THC in the cannabis, making it psychoactive.
Infusion: In a saucepan, combine the decarboxylated cannabis and your chosen cooking oil. Simmer on low heat for 2-4 hours, stirring occasionally. Be cautious not to overheat, as this can degrade the cannabinoids. Strain the oil through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth into a container for later use.

Option 2: Pre-Made Tinctures

No additional steps are required for this method. Simply measure out the desired amount of cannabis tincture for your recipe.

Step 2: Preparing the Ice Cream Base

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the heavy cream, whole milk, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract until the sugar is fully dissolved.
If you're using a cannabis-infused oil from Method 1, add the desired amount (start with 2-3 tablespoons) to the ice cream base and whisk until well combined. Adjust the amount for potency.
If you're using a pre-made tincture from Method 2, add the tincture directly to the ice cream base and whisk thoroughly. Adjust the amount according to your desired potency.

Step 3: Chilling and Churning

Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and churn according to the manufacturer's instructions. This typically takes about 20-25 minutes.
Once the ice cream reaches a soft-serve consistency, transfer it to an airtight container and freeze for at least 2-3 hours or until firm.

Step 4: Serving and Enjoying

Scoop out your homemade cannabis-infused ice cream, and serve it in a bowl or cone. Garnish with your favorite toppings, such as chocolate chips, nuts, or fresh fruit, to enhance the flavor and texture.
Start with a lower dose of cannabis if you're new to edibles, as the effects can be potent and take longer to kick in compared to smoking or vaping.
Store any remaining cannabis-infused oil or tincture in a cool, dark place, away from children and pets.
Making cannabis-infused ice cream at home is a fun and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis while satisfying your sweet tooth. Whether you prefer cannabis-infused oil or pre-made tinctures, this recipe offers multiple options to suit your preferences. Remember to consume responsibly, start with a lower dose, and enjoy this tasty treat in moderation. Happy chilling!